Support Your Local Library! revolt!


Write a letter to the local paper. Let your views be known! You might feel that your opinion doesn't matter but every voice counts! There are millions of people just like you who couldn't care less for sports but don't want to rock the boat. Encourage them to speak up! Write a letter!

NEVER buy or wear ANYTHING with a professional sports logo or team name on it. It only propagates the problem (and makes you look like a DORK!). It's the least you can do!

E-mail your local TV stations and ask them why as much time is devoted to sports as to actual NEWS. Ask them again. Hammer them! Don't let a bunch of loud mouthed, noisy sports fans control what you watch!

The next time some dullard confronts you with some lame comment like, "Can you BELIEVE those LIONS last night?!", don't try to avoid the question --stand up for your beliefs and say, "I don't know what the heck you're talking about. I don't watch sports." JUST SAY NO!!

DON'T attend sp0rting events (unless there's a valid reason to attend: either you or someone you know is playing).

Stay out of sports bars. They are breeding grounds for sports zombies. If you have a beer in one it's like casting a vote for Dennis Rodman or Kobe Bryant (basketball players). Take the first step in crippling the economic support of sports in your area by avoiding these sports drone nurseries.

NEVER buy anything from a company that sponsors televised sports events! There are plenty of alternatives. Write those sponsors and ask them why they're supporting an institution that alienates half the country.

Encourage alternatives to sports: support your local high school science and drama clubs. Donate time to the Boy Scouts. Contribute to anything that competes with sp0rting events for airtime or participation.

Lead by example. When the subject comes up, let everyone know that you don't watch sports and have no interest. Your actions will encourage others who don't really like sports to stand up for themselves.

Spread the word! Link your site to this page! Scribble this url wherever others can find it and find refuge from the maelstrom. Others are still out there... alone --out in the cold. Give them comfort! Give them HOPE! Spread the word! SP0RTS SUCK!

What you can do...

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