Vote for Pedro!


The Mars company has decided to rename their popular Mars candy bar. To better describe its caramel goodness? No! To pay homage to the World Cup (whatever that is)!! The new name will be BELIEVE! As in we BELIEVE we can win the World Cup. This has to be the worst advertising idea ever. BOYCOTT MARS BARS!!

NABISCO HAS FINALLY GONE INSANE. They're stamping footballs on their cookies now! BOYCOTT OREOS!!
Now Nabisco is trying BASEBALL. Things must not be going too well for them to stoop THIS low. BOYCOTT OREOS!!
Alert comrade, Julie, sent in this clip of one of our favorite candy bars --appealing to the lowest common denominator. Oh, SNICKERS! How could you?! BOYCOTT SNICKERS!!

What the &^%$#!@ does Peanut Butter cookies have to do with NASCAR?! Boycott Nutter Butter Cookies!!

OH NO!!! Not my favorite cola too!! BOYCOTT COKE!!!