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Column by The Grand Cyclops of the Anti-sports Illuminati

One of the most common arguments as to why participation in sports is important for kids is that it builds teamwork. In fact, this seems to be the central and only reason pro-sports families have for subjecting their children to the little league experience. And it's total HOGWASH.

Why is it that participating in organized sports is the ONLY way of teaching a child the value of teamwork? There are dozens of other, healthier, more positive ways to help your child learn the advantages of teamwork:

All the above activities demonstrate, through experience, the importance of leadership, negotiation, compromise, followership, the subjugation of individual need in the interest of the collective, and the advantage of many people working toward a common goal versus individual effort.

What does participation in sports teach your child?

These sporting qualities can be found in people involved in any endeavor. And that's just my point. Participation in sports isn't required to learn how to deal with bullies or how to interact with other people. Participation in sports isn't necessary to grow up to be a healthy, confident adult. A person can develop social skills and learn to co-exist with or rise above these toxic personalities just by participating in life.

And they can avoid the ever-present, inescapable childhood trauma their parents were subjected to. Organized sports are the refuge of the bully and the ignorant. Sports suck!

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