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We believe that it is evident:

That sports fans have clay tapioca straw mush for brains.

That sports are BORING and far too much air time is wasted on covering them! Our goal is to completely eradicate any trace of sports programming from the public airwaves.

That sports teams are not required fixtures at school --they have nothing to do with learning!

That sports scholarships defeat the ideal and purpose of education! We support college admission based on scholastic merit ONLY and believe that college sports are a witless distraction.

That students involved with sports should not be given special treatment.

That being addicted to watching sports is as abhorent a practice as being a sexual voyeur! We believe that people should take responsibility for their lives. If they like sports, they should play them --not watch others.

That liking or disliking sports has nothing to do with one's gender or sexual orientation! Being a sports fan does NOT make you a MAN!

That organized sports are a magnet for bullies and that participation in them is not necessary for a child to develop a sense of fair play or team work!

That physical activity is good and it's OK to play sports if you enjoy them!

That identifying one's self with a professional or college team is no substitute for actual achievement in life!

That athletes receive far too much recognition for far too little achievement!

That professional sports are not profitable and are a drain on public treasuries!

That people who don't like watching sports should not have to subsidize the broadcasting of sports on cable TV!