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Letters 2021

4 April 2021

Subject: Finally!

I thought there would be no letters this year. Yes, I too, am still sick of sports, sports, sports and the obsessions of the yearly Stupor Bowl. The best part of this day is less traffic in the evening and less crowded stores. However, after the game ends, the fans of the winning team are driving around blaring their automobile horns like idiots. By that time, I’m home listening to some heavy metal on my stereo system to drown out the outside noise. So I guess I do enjoy Stupor Bowl Sunday, but in a unique way.


3 April 2021


Not sure how I stumbled onto this site but I'm here. Wow, you people really do exist. Sorry but you all are the weird ones. Just because you weren't athletic enough to play sports as a kid doesn't mean you have to try to insult those of us that enjoy sports and had positive experiences with it. Being a sports fan doesn't make someone a "dumb jock". Sports is in the very fabric of being an American. Or a native of any country, really. Sports is popular worldwide. Hate to break it to you but you aren't going to succeed in eradicating it. How about we eradicate you weirdo freaks instead?

By the way, it says you receive "hundreds of letters per year". Let's see, in 2019 there were 9 letters. In 2020 there were 3. This is the 2nd letter in 2021. Hundreds? I'd think a bunch of sports haters would be better at math...

Dan Noellsch

25 March 2021

Subject: Letter

Hi, I read your article about schools and high school sports and I 100% agree. In my school, about 98% of our funding goes to sports, and the other 2% goes to the sucky food. For example, when I was in elementary, I had music from the 4th grade and the issue was that the music teacher had to either have the instruments donated or bought them herself, not 1 cent from the school.

Best Wishes for your efforts,
Michael Smith