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Letters 2019

13 March 2019

Subject: Sports


For the past 7 years, I have hated sports. And whenever I go to gym class/P.E. I always miss the ball or flinch and people make fun of me. I always get in trouble whenever I say something bad about sports in school. And the jocks can always say things bad about drama, which is a strong hobby of mine. I felt like I was alone, and nobody would get it. I discovered your site and I felt overjoyed. Just because you enjoy sports does NOT give you the right to put your life on the line for it and bully other people over it. We are not alone and our voices will be heard.

Thank you, I needed to write this.


4 Feb 2019

Subject: Marching Band a sport?


I go to a quite large high school. Everyone goes to the football games. They pay $10 to watch the game and then when it's half time, the student section leaves and gets food and goes to the bathroom. The marching band spends at least four hours a week practicing parades, pregame, halftime, postgame, and not to mention all while playing music. We put hours upon hours of effort into performing an amazing performance for the entire school. However, no one even watches.

They only care about football.

Because it's a sport.

And marching band isn't? The definition of "sport" is "an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment." The band spends at least two weeks towards the end of the summer break (sometimes more depending on the school) where we march for around 12 hours a day. It is still excruciatingly hot when we are out there, sweating our butts off, working for a perfect performance. Depending on the school, the marching band may be competitive, meaning that they go to multiple competitions with several other bands. There is an audience, as there would be for a basketball or soccer tournament. And not only does the band have all this physical work, we also memorize at LEAST 3 songs! and that's just for halftime! not to mention our school song, our alma mater, and more!

Varsity athletes at our school have benefits, varsity football players have only 7 periods rather than 8, any varsity athlete may be exempt from taking a gym class for the semester that their sport takes place, and not to mention the love and attention from the entire rest of the school. We marching banders get NOTHING. Varsity marching band starts at junior year. Shouldn't, at the very least, juniors and seniors deserve the same benefits of the athletes? We put so much time and effort into sounding and looking great, yet we have none of the benefits. We deserve more benefits within the school. Either give everyone and the other, non-band students should be more accepting of and less rude to band students.

That's all. I love marching band and am passionate about it as well as concert band. I hate sports. With my entire being. So so so much. Some of my best memories in marching band are at football games, and not even because of the actual football game. The good thing about our band is that we have so much love for each other and we all enjoy being there so much.

All in all, sports SUCK and band is superior. nerds forever :)