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Letters 2017

27 March 2017

Subject: Biggest Asshole

Only through experience can you reach conclusions about things. For example, after listening to different kinds of music and many different bands, you select your favorites. Indulging in a varied diet, you have your favorite main dishes and desserts. Well, having had my fill of sports "heroes" being shoved in my face when, in fact, that world is full of assholes, there is one thug whose atrocities I will not forget but the world has forgiven, and I think he's the worst of the bunch.

And that award goes to Michael Vick.

If you know of worse hooligans, please enlighten me.

- Ted

22 March 2017

Subject: Mandatory gym class

I'm glad I found a website so I can let out my hatred of sports. I find the whole mandatory thing dumb. It's hard when you get made fun of when you don't like sports like everyone else. When I tell people I hate sports they look at me like I'm an alien. I hope we can get rid of mandatory gym instead of spending our tax dollars on Gym class.

-A concerned person

13 March 2017

Subject: Wow, I thought I was the only one...

I hate that sports are dominant in schools.

There's always those kids who blurt out in class: "HEY MR. -------- DID U CEE DA GAME LAST NIGHT? ARE U COMMING TO MY FOOTBALL TRYOUTS???? I HOPE I MAKE VARSITY." The sad reality is that those kids have 4.0s and are automatically put in honors classes. They are disrespectful, in my opinion, to teachers. They blurt out and make a big fuss if they get a grade they didn't deserve. They are not humble people and make a fuss if they only got a $1000 and a Beats pill for christmas and birthdays. A few days ago, my spanish teacher (who is a very friendly and funny teacher) , jokingly shot a nerf bullet at a sleeping football student for laughs. He woke up and thought it would be funny while he is turning back to hit him with his heavy backpack. He did it and the teacher and the class laughed. The teacher LIKED that student because they had the same personalities. (SPORTS) If my teacher caught me sleeping and hit me with a nerf bullet and decided to hit him with a backpack, he would probably hate me!

Then there is colleges. I know a lot about colleges and the one thing I HATE is when I type in a college's name, the first thing that would come up is the sports team. This is why I'm going to a liberal arts college :) Also, PE in school should not be necessary. At my school, we are required to do 2 years of PE or we can't graduate. The funny thing is that our school has a HUGE football stadium but we don't have a proper cafeteria or classrooms. Most of our classrooms are portables right next to the huge football field. Also, the sports section of our school is twice as big as the educational part of our school.

Thanks to whoever created the website! I FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE WHO AGREES WITH ME !!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


7 Feb 2017

Subject: Sports should not be a priority in schools

I'm so happy I found you guys. I love reading your articles. Anyway, I've got to tell you about something that really triggered my loathe towards prioritized sports in school. So, after figuring out that I suffer from depression recently after my mom's death in a car accident, I needed to visit my high school counselor to see if he could arrange for me to meet with a free therapist that visits the school. But, to my disappointment, he was not there because he was to busy hanging out with the basketball team that he coached. Now, if it was after school hours, then I wouldn't mind as much, but being gone away from his actual job?? That's B.S.! Honestly, if I was his boss, I would threaten to fire him. Also, in my choir class, sports has decreased attendance in our school, I'm one of two basses in my class, and this jock that's just in there for the credit leaves whenever he wants to play basketball? Is that not a douchebag move? Our extreme promotion of sports in our school has everything to do with this. The athletes that are spoiled, teachers sluffing for games, P.E. based upon throwing out nonathletic people. I say we fight our school districts on this, this has gone way too far! And I'm willing to support you guys. Please, if your school district is wasting taxpayer dollars and encouraging dishonestly in your schools, fight them. We need to return to better values and our school districts should be a place where we can do that, not replace education with mind numbing sports.

Sincerely, Caleb, a person who hates wasted taxpayer dollars

17 Jan 2017

Subject: Why

People enjoy turning off and giving their power away. Sports commentary infuriates me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


7 Jan 2017

Subject: Bully boy games teachers


I can recall my miserable experience at the hands of two failed sportsmen and failed teachers who taught games at my school in the early 80s who made mine and other non athletic pupils lives hell. Being optimistic, I thought these sadists since Britain ended corporal punishment in the mid eighties and schools became more tolerant of kids who were useless at physical education, had loosened up. Apparently not, my nephew is 13, useless at games and sees it as a waste of his time, so has become the centre of attention for another failed sportsman who teaches games. Last month, he had diarrhoea and a chest infection, which would normally exclude him from games, but he was forced to do a cross country run with these ailments in terrible weather and decided to run away from school as he was passing out from ill health.

It is no wonder many kids in British schools detest compulsory physical education when there are idiots like this around. I should hope when my nephew leaves school, and he is growing to be quite tall, he encounters the games teacher in the street and reminds him of what he did. Usually these bullies tend to be cowards- I can recall a games teacher from my school who boasted he would have any ex pupil in a fight after school and when challenged one day by a school leaver, he ran off- and I relish the day my nephew puts him in his place or on his back if he continues his sadistic behaviour.


4 Jan 2017

Subject: Different home, same standards

Good morning, my fellow sterling sports loathers.

I have recently moved lock, stock and barrel-bellied from California back to the land of my birth, and am appalled to have to shell out the readies for a licence to watch my television. So I think to myself, then let me watch only those programmes worth shelling out for. I think you know where I am heading with this, my little canny lads and lasses.

That's right, there will be a total ban on watching sp*rts on this here goggle box. Not difficult, I admit, seeing as I live alone. Does a gentleman of discernment want his living room besmirched with the sight of a gaggle of gits chasing a ball? He jolly-well does not. Does he want to invite chaps over on a Sunday afternoon and sit aghast while they get glassy-eyed in front of some yawn-inducing cricket match? I should say not. He has his standards. He will invite a toothsome young lady to come and wrap herself around him on the sofa and leave him comatose with kiss marks all over his face. He will invite upstanding chaps for a spot of sketching in the back garden, or some fine music-making, or a lively discussion of the merits of young ladies who will wrap themselves around you on the sofa etc etc. We are not grubby great gits who will dribble and slobber in front of a televised r*gby "match."

So, let the FA Cup, the olamepics, and all of that waffle come and go. An Englishman's home is his castle, his den and his refuge from the common drivel that passes for entertainment in this age of vulgarity. Let there be culture, let there be shoot-'em-up films, let there be concert footage of rockin' bands, let there be sinewy ladies who like to wind themselves etc etc.

No matter where we live, we can stand against the onslaught of media sp*rts effluence.